Custom Display Boxes

Customize boxes


At Custom Packaging UK, we offer our customers custom display packaging for small as well as large products. For products of any size, we provide cardboard boxes of size specifications provided by the client. Consumers encounter these attractive boxes on cash counters and other strategic placements and instantly thinks to give the product a go.

Every design that goes through out door is customer centric and is as per the client’s design and instruction. The size and shape also come from the customer so that their product sits in the box snugly and look elegant.  We make custom printed these boxes of any desired shape, color, prints, logo, font, layout, and sizes.

We manufacture display packaging with attractive designs, colors, textures, and themes. Every bit of the box is embellished with bold colors, lively patterns, and animated textures while using a variety of stylized options. Even the elegant and straightforward designs look modern, creative, and bright, telling a story within the patterns and colors while complimenting the product.


Customized Display Boxes Of All Kinds


Need to display your sample in the most luxurious yet practical way, go customized Display boxes. The size of a display box is small enough to fit at a counter of a bar or restaurant without an obstruction. Despite its small size, it holds a lot of potential for branding; with appealing custom cardboard display boxes, marketing techniques can make them more visible for targeted customers.

Buy them in bulk, Cardboard counter display come in folded packs that are easy to assemble. Folded boxes are easy to transport as well as store. These boxes’ designs can be die-cut from long sheets of paper while placing the design in the repeat to reduce waste. It also excludes the need for adhesives and makes the box eco-friendly.


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