Magnetic Closure Boxes

How Magnetic Gift Boxes are Helpful

There is no denying that printing is the lifeblood of pleasant packaging. In particular, our custom magnetic boxes become even more attractive because of elegant printing. If you are looking for such luxurious and consistent packaging, worry not as Custom Packaging UK takes care of all. Pick your custom design, and you are good to go.

Using a magnetic packaging box gives you ample space to add more customization. There are no clips or catches, just a plain box that is ready for customization. This is what flexible packaging looks like in the flesh. The magnetic gift boxes are taking conventional rigid material to a new level.


hat are Magnetic closure boxes? And the purpose these boxes serve in the custom luxury packaging industry?

Magnetic closure boxes add extreme convenience to any kind of packaging. The magnetic boxes open and shut with one swift motion, giving your product a very classy look. The first part of this simple yet impressive idea is to use rigid cardboard or rigid wood stock. The second part is to insert two flat plates of magnet inside the front box divider. As you move the flap to close the box, the magnets pull each other close and shut the top securely.

These boxes are most commonly known as the Flip Top Box with a magnetic catch. We use nothing but premium quality, thick rigid stock covered in premium paper to manufacture these boxes.


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